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Strengthen emergency response ability to prevent accidents

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 Minfeng Special Paper conducts emergency drills for anticipated hazardous chemical leakage accidents

In order to comprehensively improve rapid response and handling capabilities of company emergency rescue team, especially the emergency response capabilities of hazardous chemical leakage accidents, improve safety awareness of employees, do a good job in the rescue and disposal of hazardous chemical accidents, and reduce the harm, loss and impact to minumum.Recently, Companys the Office of the Safety and Security Committee  organized employees to carry out emergency drills for anticipated hazardous chemical leakage accidents in the ammonia storage tank area of power plant

At the drill site, there was an ammonia tank truck .During unloading, the driver did not connect hose as required , causing the ammonia leakage, and the emergency drill began... When  ammonia concentration reached a certain level, the alarm installed in the ammonia storage tank area was triggered, and a rapid alarm sounded in the ultra-low emission control room of  power plant . The staff on duty rushed to the site to check and report to the head of the chemical warehouse of the company's material security department

After receiving alarm, the person in charge of the chemical warehouse rushed to site to investigate the cause of ammonia leakage, and immediately reported to the company's emergency rescue office after confirming the source of the ammonia leakage and the scope of the diffusion. And the person in charge of the office immediately activated the company's "Emergency Rescue Protocol for Hazardous Chemicals (Ammonia Leakage)". On the one hand, he dispatched the company's miniature fire station, put on protective gear and rushed to the site, and cut off the ammonia delivery hose with the cooperation of the vehicle driver. In order to prevent further leakage of ammonia, use the surrounding fire-fighting facilities to lay hoses and discharge water to dilute the leaked ammonia concentration; on the other hand, direct the person in charge of power plant to investigate the operations of the posts around the ammonia tank area one by one Employees: organize employees to evacuate immediately to a safe area along safe passages to avoid casualties. Finally under the close cooperation and coordinated operations of the participating units, the ammonia leakage accident was effectively dealt with, and the exercise drill came to a successful conclusion.


Through exercise drill, the company tested the operability and effectiveness of the emergency protocol, the rationality and applicability of the equipment configuration, and the operation of the emergency linkage mechanism between various departments; it has trained the emergency team and adapted the emergency mechanism. Continuously improve safety and actual combat capabilities, minimize the occurrence of emergencies, and reduce the harm caused by emergencies.

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