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Minfeng Participated in the Advanced Training for Managers of State-Owned Enterprises

    時間:2021-10-27    閱讀數:

Recently, Jiaxing Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. and other four state-owned companies have jointly conducted an advanced training especially for managers of state-owned companies in Jiaxing to further boost their talent team building and management skills. The relevant management of Minfeng Group Co., Ltd. and Minfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. has also participated in the training.

With the theme of “Innovation Management”, the training has several teaching sessions and diversified educational activities. The first phase of the training was carried out at the end of August, which focused on the current macroeconomic situation at home and abroad, as well as the corporate culture and leadership. Starting from September 8 to September 11, the second training session invited Zhao Lei, director of the China Human Resources Association, and Liu Dong, secretary general of the Asia Investor Society, to lecture on the management of human resources, salary, and capital, corporate investment and financing, etc. After the training, the trainees also visited some representative enterprises.

According to the plan, the training will also have a third session at the end of September.

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